Sunday, January 21, 2007

About Myself

Hello world, This is Steven Chelsey here. I've always been down on luck with the ladies, and thus began my search for guidance on how to get laid. Searching through the internet, I found lots of articles on dating, love, relationships, seduction and have spent days and nights reading, researching and understanding the laws that governs a girl's mentally when it comes to love, and relationship.

As the articles are from the internet, I see it only fit for me to start this experiment. To test out all the tips given by the articles and to report my trials here on this blog!

As one of the articles in my collection mentioned. In order for you to succeed, you must have a n Ultimate Goal (Get Laid). Break it down into monthly goals (Get laid monthly). Then, into daily goals (Get laid... daily). I dont think this is what he (the author) meant... but according to some of the ebooks that i've got... it seems getting laid daily is not a huge problem, once I've mastered his theories.

But seriously, the following are a list of things I must get done in order for me to get laid:-
1) Overcome fear/shyness
2) Get some better clothing
3) Know what to say with a girl
4) Be 'suave'
5) Get some confidence
6) Be great! in bed
7) Get into shape
9) decorate my apartment
10) get some men's perfume

Gets get started with hmm.... getting into shape. From the articles, it seems woman are into medium built men. Good news for me! I'm just one rank below medium built.. skinny! So its more protein drinks and gym from now on! (I hope I can keep up with the routine for a longer period this time....)

Best thing about the above routine is that I'll be 'hitting two birds with one stone'! ie getting into shape and building confidence at the same time!

Okay, will report in on my progress soon, go through the routine I'll be taking in the gym, the food I'll be eating... but for now... its time for me to sleep and dream about getting laid(I hope!).

Btw, I've uploaded all the articles I've found onto the following site:


Ability Oilfield & Engineering said...
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Jonathon said...

You're funny. I wish you best of luck!

hella adequate said...

You know if any chick saw this your chances would zoom right back to zero, don't you?